Charity Fair Guide

The Flying Duck Charity Fair Guide

If you need to contact the flying duck you can email on or

Or you can call or text Russell on 07775 846 582.

In 2023 we exhibit at events around the country and this years Charity Fair Guide schedule is as follows

19/20th Sept RDA Newbury

20/21st Sept Knepp Castle

26th-27th Sept Early Early Christmas Fair

04th Oct Arfund, Hampshire

05th Oct AMR Hall Barn Beaconsfield

09th Oct Daisy Trust, Hurlingham, Putney

11th Oct Friends of Essex

11/12th Oct Dummer

18-20th Oct Rockbourne, Salisbury

30th-05th Nov Spirit of Christmas

04th Nov – Cranleigh

6-9th Nov Daylesford

9th Nov Hever

14-15th Wandsworth

15-16th Nov Norfolk

16th Spirit of Vale

16-18th Nov Wealden Times, Kent

18th Nov Phylis Court, Henley

19th Nov St Andrews

21st Nov Wincanton

22-23rd Nov Farnham Maltings

24-26th Nov Newmarket Racecourse. Presents Galore.

24th Nov Aldro School

28th Nov Broom Wood School

01st Dec Cumnor School

02nd Dec Pinewood School

4th Dec Drapers Hall

5th Dec Save the Children

09/10th Dec Ramster

13-18th Dec Olympia,London. The London International Horse Show.

The Flying Duck is the best place for Gifts, Gadgets and Games with Stocking Fillers Galore. We work very closely with Father Christmas and together we secretly scour the world to find you the best range of stocking fillers which are fun and original. You can find us (and possibly Father Christmas) via our Charity Fair Guide which is below.

We have 25 years experience for finding the best products for you. However everything that we sell does have to go via Lapland for Father Christmas to check and he has played with all out toys. Father Christmas has given the Flying Duck a big thumbs up. We hope you like our products too.

The Flying Duck is one of the original member of the Charity Fairs Association. Below is the Charity Fair Guide where we be exhibiting this year. We are also very active today in raising money both in season and through out the year.

The Flying Duck is run by people who refuse to grow up and as a result have the best toys for small and big people alike.

Charity Fair Guide

The Flying Duck Team

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